Special Needs Family Planning

Special Needs Planning

Special Needs Family Planningsm has the desire, motivation and knowledge to enable us to help individual families as well as the educators, social service agencies, and healthcare professionals who work with those families.

Our vision is for an individual with a disability to enjoy meaningful relationships with friends, family, and others in their lives, to experience personal health and growth, live in the home of their choice and fully participate in their community.

Our mission is to educate , to help minimize uncertainty, and empower families to use appropriate planning tools and resources. 

Our strategy is to  meet one on one with families and provide practical, educational workshops at schools, parent support groups, social service agencies, houses of worship and conferences.

Our discussions are easy to follow, interactive and for everyone regardless of income. After all , your most valuable asset is your loved one.

Our Vision, Mission and Strategy for Providers and Professionals

Our financial professionals know the determination and passion it takes for non profits, educators and healthcare professionals to be successful and build financial security. Building a business that serves individuals with a disability ,guiding it through the ups and downs of today’s business climate is a unprecedented.  We can help you along the way. 

Call Special Needs Family Planningsm at 1-888-552-SNFP ( 7637 ) to schedule a consultation and learn how our knowledge and guidance can help you reach your personal and business goals.


Stuart Flaum

Managing Director

Special Needs Family Planningsm





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